Kids Artival

KidsArtival Online Drawing Competition for Kids - October 2019

We are so excited to announce the Art competition in which the kids will get a chance to bring out the art in them and show their artistic side to the world. As the festive season has started, the theme of the competition is festivals. The submission to the contest can be in the form of drawings, paintings, cartoons, sketches, and posters. A drawing of something like a light lamp or any mythological character will do the trick, or if your kid likes to make Rangoli, we would love to see them.

Size of the artwork that you can submit:

  • The artwork to be submitted can be in two sizes - A4 or A3.
  • A4 size is 210 × 297 millimeters or 21 x 29.7 centimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches.
  • A3 size is 297 x 420 millimeters or 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches.

How to submit your artwork to us?

The submission of the artwork can be done online through our website. As per the rule of this competition, the participants can submit a scanned image or a good quality picture of the artwork along with detail such as the title of the artwork.

What happens after the entries are submitted?

Once the artwork is submitted, voting will be done on the entries received. We have mentioned the voting process in the next section for your reference. After the contest, the best artist will be awarded by the team of Kidsvault.


Contest duration: 1st Oct to 31st Oct 2019

Age Group: 5 - 12 Years

Winners will be selected on the basis of the “total number of votes”. The entry with the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner. “Total votes” will be a sum of Kids Vault site votes, Facebook likes and shares. You can vote for your entry after every 30 minutes!

Total Votes are calculated as per the following rules

Total Votes = Kids Vault Votes + (Facebook Likes + Facebook Shares)/4


Kids Vault offers something for each of their participants. Here is a highlight:

  • Winner - Gift Hamper from the organizers.
  • 1st Runner Up - Gift Hamper from the organizers.
  • 2nd Runner Up - Gift Hamper from the organizers.
  • Gift Vouchers for the remaining Top 10 contestants.

Note: A participation certificate will also be given to all the participants with more than 100 votes.


  1. Multiple entries for the same child will not be considered. In case we find such entries, only the latest entry will be considered and all previous entries will be deleted.
  2. Maximum 1000 shares/likes will be counted for "Facebook shares" in each entry. However, participant entry can be shared to get more and more votes, there is no limit on votes.
  3. Kids Vault Reserves the right to remove any entry not meeting the requirements of the competition theme. Kids Vault also reserves the right to disqualify your entry in case fake votes are noticed on your entry.
  4. The previous winner in the same category will not be declared as the winner again, however, they will be awarded for their current position if it is anything except the top three. (Please note, we have taken this step to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to participate and win exciting gift hampers).