7 Movies To Watch With Your Kids During Lockdown


During this lock down do you miss the experience of watching movies in a theatre? Have you watched all the movies on your Netflix account and now you are wondering what to do with your life?

If your answer to any of the above question is a yes then we have some amazing suggestions for you. We have curated a list of classics with a twist. These aren’t any other classics but these are the movies you can watch with your kids. Yes, you heard that right, with your kids. If you want your kids to understand the movie references you use in your conversations or you just want them to expand their knowledge of films  then this article is a must read. So grab your popcorn tub, soda, dim those lights and give yourself a nostalgia trip.


White Fang


The very first movie on our list is White Fang. This one is an emotional flick based on Jack London’s novel of same name. It follows the story of a young gold prospector and a wolf dog and their unconditional love and faithfulness for each other. This 1991 movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time and you will surely be shedding tears by the end of it.



Finding Nemo


This 2003 movie follows the adventures of a clownfish named Marlin with his friend Dory to find his son Nemo. The story beautifully portrays the relationship between a father and his son and how the father is ready to go to any limit for his son. Watch this movie if you want to experience the beauty of Marine life. Watch this movie here.



Kung Fu Panda


This 2008 animated movie is about a Panda name Po who dreams of becoming the next dragon warrior. But will he be able to overcome all obstacles and save his village from Tai Lung?  Watch this ordinary Panda’s journey to become the next superhero of his village. Watch this movie here.



Honey! I shrunk the kids


This 1989 American movie is about a scientist who shrinks his kid to a quarter of an inch. His kids now have to fight the insects which are bigger than them and overcome all the obstacles to grab the attention of their father. Watch the movie here.



Do Dooni Chaar


This Hindi movie revolves around the life of Duggals. Mr. Duggal is a school teacher and wants to fulfill all the wishes of his wife and two kids. What happens when the new demand of the family is to buy a new car in the times of inflation? Will the Duggals become proud owners of a car?  Watch this movie to find out and experience the life of a typical middle class Indian family.Watch the movie here.



Bumm Bumm Bole


This movie beautifully portrays the struggles of two siblings – Inu and Rimzim, whose family barely manages to earn their daily bread. Havoc wrecks when Pinu misplaces Rimzim’s shoes and now the siblings have to share their shoes to attend their school. But one day a ray of hope arises in the form of a marathon which has a new pair of shoes as one of the prizes. Will Pinu be able to win the marathon? Will rimzim get a new pair of shoes? Watch this movie here for free.



Delhi Safari


This movie follows the story of five animals and the journey taken by them from their home (forest) to the Indian Parliament. This flick sheds light on the issue of endangered animals and their co- existence with humans.



These were some of the movies we recommend watching with your kids. It will give you some time to spend with your kids and bond over movies. Stay safe and enjoy.

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